About WinCo Foods
Number Of Employees: 72K+
Headquarters: 2929 Walker Ave., NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544

WinCo Foods is a privately held and a past and present employee-owned Supermarket chain that started operations in 1967 with its headquarters in Boise, Idaho, US. They run a chain of retail stores in various cities in the US including Arizona, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. The supermarket chain deals in food items and has more than 117 stores that feature organic foods, pizza outlets, bakeries and health & beauty products. Over 15,000 employees work in these WinCo outlets spread across the cities in the United States.

General Overview of WinCo Foods Job Opportunities

Per the interviews on Glassdoor, the company has an overall rating of 3.3 stars. Fifty-eight percent of the current and past associates indicated that they would recommend the company to their friends. CEO Steven Goddard seems to receive all the love with a high approval rating of 70%.

Over the years, WinCo Foods has continued to expand its stores meaning that they have job openings most time of the year. Some of the jobs opportunities include pizza clerk, cashier, Network administrator trainee, maintenance clerk, Human resource specialist, human resources assistant, Freight stocker, manager apprentice, pricing clerk, seafood clerk, bookkeeping clerk, bulk food clerk and more.

WinCo Foods Interview Process

Of the total candidates interviewed, 68% think that the interview experience was remarkable. Eleven percent found the experience to be average while 20% of the total were not content with the whole process.

Most of the applicants who applied to work at WinCo foods applied online. Regarding the difficulty level of the interview process, the company has an average rating. To secure an interview;

  • Eighty-three percent interviewees applied online
  • Eleven percent applied for the job in-person
  • Two percent of the applicants got referred
  • Another two percent of the employees secured an interview through other means

Looking at the reviews on Glassdoor, it appears job you apply for determines the interview process. Some associates applied online, receive a phone call for an interview, wait for some few minutes, fill in some paperwork, get interviewed for an average of 20 minutes. They call you after a couple of days if they feel you're up for the task. During the interview, they'll seek to know your understanding of the basic stuff. Basically, for most of the job vacancies, the interview questions revolve around customer service. Your level of experience in customer service is a probably a bonus at WinCo Foods. Typically, the whole process from application, interview, and hiring take several days to a few weeks. You can land a job at WinCo either full-time or part time.

Summary of the Pay at WinCo Foods

A whopping 68% of the employees at WinCo Foods believe that they get a fair pay. The pay rate depends on the job type with the amount increasing as you climb the ranks. To get the salary ranges at WinCo Foods, we pulled our data from indeed-com. The salary estimates were arrived at after tracking the data points from 926 employees, users and the current and past job ads posted on indeed.com in the last 12 months. Here are some of the most popular jobs at WinCo Foods and their hourly salaries;

  • Cashier - $10.41/hour
  • Clerk - $10.84/hour
  • Deli Associate - $10.36/hour
  • Stocking Associate - $17.21/hour
  • Stocker - $10.83/hour

The average hourly rate for Courtesy Associate is $9.24 per hour while a department manager pockets $19.37 every hour. In a year, a Forklifter at WinCo Foods averages $18,000 dollars while an assistant manager takes home $84, 915.

WinCo Foods Workers Benefits

Employees rated the benefits offered by WinCo Foods at 4.3 stars. The benefits, in summary, are Insurance Health & Wellness, Financial & Retirement, Vacation & Time Off, Family & Parenting, Perks & Discounts and Professional Support. WinCo has a couple of benefits for the employees. The common benefits include 401K Plan, Paid Time Off, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Stock Options, Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance and Employee Discounts.

How is it Like to Work at WinCo Foods?

Most current and past employees believe that WinCo Foods is a great company to work with. In particular, many of the associates seem happy with the benefits offered by the company. And they get better when you accumulate 100 hours a month.

Also, more than half of the associates feel that the company pays fairly. Something most people seem to agree on is that there's nothing for free at WinCo Foods. It's a fast-paced job environment where handling customers can at times get overwhelming.

Besides, per the reviews on Glassdoor, WinCo has invested in a good teamwork custom. Also, working here gives you the opportunities to grow by improving your customer service skills in such a high volume customer environment.

Get a Job at WinCo Foods

WinCo has a career section on the official site where job openings get posted. Most of the applications are done online. Per the FAQs on the website, they only accept applications for their office, warehouses, and stores where there are openings. As always, once invited for an interview, arm yourself with knowledge regarding customers' service, dress nicely and arrive early.

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