About Wawa
Number Of Employees: 18000
Headquarters: 260 West Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063

Wawa ranked #34 on Forbes' list of American largest Private Companies and by large Wawa earned that rank with $9.1 billion dollars in revenue. The company offers a massive convenience to people in many states, which takes the form of fresh and wholesome foods, and fresh made-while-you-wait deli sandwiches and outstanding beverages. Most stores also have a gas station making them truly a one-stop-shop.

General Overview of Wawa Opportunities

They hit #146 on Forbes' America's Best Employer List and their employees - past and present - gave them 3.6 stars on Glassdoor. Glassdoor shows off the positive nature of Wawa as 71 percent of employees would recommend this company to their friends or to a family member. Also, 82 percent approve of how CEO Chris Gheysens runs the company.

Wawa employs over 28,700 employees, according to Forbes and their employees had a lot of positive things to say. Those comments, generalized from Glassdoor interviews include:

  • Great opportunities to advance
  • Flexible hours
  • Caring management
  • Opportunities to learn new skills
  • Good Pay and Benefits
  • Positive working environment
  • Healthy team environment

These kinds of comments are one reason for the high approval rating and the willingness to recommend the company to family or friends by the employees.

The negatives from employee responses to Glassdoor Interview questions had two resounding themes. First, that the company changed how management acts and many team members felt it reduced the quality of the role that management played. Secondly, the life-work balance was difficult if you were trying to move up.

The Interview Process as Wawa

Current and past employees gave the Wawa interview a rating of 2.3 on Glassdoor making the process just under average in terms of difficulty.

An overall theme throughout many interviews involved testing the applicant on how well they understood Wawa corporate values. That's a big insight and can help make the interview process easier. Another commonality were questions about employee - guest interactions and asked for examples on how you can improve a guest's experience at Wawa.

Interested prospects can apply online or at one of the local stores. In terms of how to apply, most people apply online. A smaller number apply direction in their local store. Some employees start with a recruiter and others are referred by families or friends who already work at Wawa. The clear picture is outlined below.

  • 70 percent of Glassdoor interviewees said they applied online
  • 15 percent applied at their local store
  • Five percent found their job at Wawa through a recruiter or recruiting event

One a positive note, seven percent of employees said a family member referred them. That speaks highly of both how employees feel about working at Wawa and how the company feels about recruiting from reliable sources.

What's the Pay like at Wawa

Entry level positions start in the $8 per hour range and max out at $14 per hour. These jobs include Customer Service Associate jobs.

A shift Manager maxes out at $13 and starts at $9/hour. Interestingly enough that a long-term Customer Service Associate can make more than a shift manager if both are at the top of their pay scale.

General Managers make from $52,000 to $98,000 annually.

An Assistant General Manager starts at $38,000 and maxes out at $62,000 per year.

The types of wages/salaries listed demonstrate that employees of Wawa have the opportunity to grow within their position and to promote above their position. There are jobs for entry-level applicants and those with mid- to high-level skills.

Is Wawa The Right Place to Work?

For many people who want to work in a customer service type role, Wawa is a good place to work. The employees are happy, the company is flexible with scheduling and the pay is fair.

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