About Walmart
Number Of Employees: 2.1M+
Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

The Walmart family currently enjoys the contributions of over 1 million hard-working team members, and still, at any given time can have as many as 50,000 openings available. Maintaining their status as the world's largest retailer, with an ever-growing e-commerce segment, requires the efforts of highly talented and driven individuals. Running a business of this magnitude, which includes 11,000 brick and mortar outlets, means that Walmart is in a constant state of hiring, and advancement opportunities are readily available to employees looking to learn and grow with the company. For many, Walmart has provided opportunities that exceeded their expectations for promotion and career development.

Employee Satisfaction

At last count, Glassdoor had the reviews of over 30,000 current and former employees with 56% saying that they would recommend employment with Walmart to a friend. Of the many positives cited throughout the reviews, the consistent message reflects an emphasis on teamwork, positive life/work balance, fostering personal development, and promoting from within the ranks. Also, a common thread winding its way through most of the employee reviews was the mention of co-workers/team members being like a family. For many, an entry-level opportunity has led to careers with the company and according to their website, 70% of Walmart's current managers began their careers as entry-level associates.

Although the majority of the employees providing feedback to Glassdoor have had a positive experience working for Walmart, some did offer negatives. These comments primarily centered around workload due to short staffing, difficulty transitioning from part-time to full-time status, lack of benefits for part-time employment, and management exhibiting favoritism in regards to promotions and scheduling flexibility of staff.


The scope of services and products that Walmart offers to its more than 200 million customers demands a workforce comprised of associates and support staff with a wide range of skills, talents, training, and experience. Currently, US opportunities exist in several departments, including, corporate, pharmacy, optometry, IT, customer service, supervisory, and management, among many others. Open positions are available for hard-working individuals that are looking for entry-level jobs as well as those that are hoping to advance an already successful career.

Walmart also offers internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students looking to build careers in business, technology, human resources, retail real estate, and business law with 75% of interns being offered another internship or full-time employment within the company. These internships are highly sought after paid positions and can be applied for through Walmart's career website.

Salaries and Benefits

Salary and hourly wages vary significantly across the board due to the diversity of departments and the experience and skills that individual positions require. Salaried employees are compensated commensurate with experience, and comparable to professionals holding similar positions throughout many industries. Hourly employees of Walmart have seen a steady increase in wages since 2015. As of January 2017, the federal minimum wage is resting at 9.25/hour. Walmart is paying its part-time and full-time hourly employees an average of 10.58/hr and 13.38/hr respectively. Coupling an above minimum wage pay scale and potential benefits has proven to be attractive to quality candidates.

As an associate of Walmart you may be entitled to many benefits including, but not limited to, health, performance bonuses, paid time off, 401k matching, and on the job training. Through Glassdoor reviews, it is clear that the 401k matching program, available to full-time employees after one year with the company, is one of the most popular benefits. The program offers 100% employee contribution matching up to six percent. Long-term members of the Walmart family that take advantage of this perk and work toward advancing within the company receive the greatest benefit.

Applying and Interviewing

According to information gathered by Glassdoor, from those that have gone through the hiring process with Walmart, some that were offered positions, some that declined positions, and others that were not offered a job, the application process is relatively straightforward. Depending on the position that a candidate is interested in, an online application may be the most convenient, although, those that are looking for in-store employment may benefit from applying in-person. 61% of the candidates completing reviews on the Glassdoor platform report having a positive application and interview experience with the company. The entire hiring process, contingent upon the position, can take as little as one or as many as six weeks to complete.

Through it's Veterans Welcome Home program, Walmart is guaranteeing employment to any veteran with an honorable discharge since Memorial Day 2013. According to the company website, "Veterans who have been discharged on or before Memorial Day 2013 are not eligible for priority status, but will still be highly desirable candidates based on their training and experience." Through the program, Walmart assists qualified veterans in career counseling emphasizing on placing candidates in positions that utilize their previous training and skills.

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