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Number Of Employees: 490K+
Headquarters: 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW Washington, DC 20260

Who is USPS?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has existed since before the birth of the nation, beginning in 1775 with the naming of Benjamin Franklin as postmaster general. Its Pony Express began in 1860, and free home delivery commenced in 1863. As of 1971, after a decade of financial and delivery obstacles, the old Post Office became the new U.S. Postal Service, a self-regulating branch of the U.S. government's executive branch. Employees' collective bargaining right was clearly spelled out in the reorganization.

Responding to a ten-year 50-percent reduction in the public's use of first-class delivery services, the USPS has increased its shipping and packaging focus. With the reduction of window hours at most of its postal locations, and the introduction of walk-up package kiosks and lobby assistants equipped with technology that enables mobile point-of-sale (POS), the Postal Service is now operating in the black.

USPS delivers 153.9 billion pieces of mail each year - nearly half of all mail delivered throughout the world. It pays $1.9 billion annually to just under 509,000 career employees and another approximately 131, 000 non-career workers. With 227,896 vehicles, the U.S. Postal Service operates one of the world's largest non-military fleets.

USPS Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities include sales, distribution and corporate, with permanent positions in all, and seasonal openings in sales and distribution. The USPS recruits heavily on college campus, offering a summer internship and a Management Foundations program. College students who are at least rising juniors can be 10-week summer interns, during which time they're cross trained and mentored by a postal manager. The management program is available to those who've graduated from college within the last two years. For both programs, the USPS is primarily looking for students with majors in accounting or finance, human resources, engineering, sales and marketing, IT, or supply.

Delivery and operations opportunities, the bulk of USPS hiring, include automotive mechanics and technicians, city and rural carriers and assistant carriers, building custodians, industrial engineers, mail handler assistants, and tractor trailer operators.

Salary information from 4,500 USPS employees on Glassdoor include the following:

  • City carriers average $15.88 per hour; the highest pay rate is $18
  • Rural carriers earn between $14 and $21 an hour
  • Mail processing clerks earn the same as city carriers, averaging $15.88 each hour
  • Postmasters average just under 75,000 annually, capping out at $99,000
  • Customer service supervisors earn, on average, approximately $65,000 each year
  • Distribution clerks, on average, earn $54,660 annually

The USPS Interview Process

Eighty-four percent of applications are processed online. According to Glassdoor reviewers, the process is very easy, with 67 percent saying they have had a positive application experience. The process is lengthy, however, with many saying it will take a month or more. After the online application, the job candidate is directed to an online assessment, and then a proctored exam. As one employee pointed out, there are many sample and practice exams online. Once an email informs the candidate that she or he is invited to a face-to-face interview, a background check is initiated. Interviews are scheduled in bulk, with many candidates being invited on the same day. So, interview times and dates are inflexible.

Is UPSP a Good Place to Work?

Overall, Glassdoor reviewers give it a 3.0 rating, with only 46 percent recommending it to their friends. Most laud their employer's great pay and benefits, job security, and their strong labor union. Complaints are primarily about 12-hour work days mostly spent on their feet, and 6-day weeks.

The U.S. Postal Service was honored by Careers and the Disabled Magazine as one of its 2017 Top 20 Government Employers

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