About Tractor Supply Company
Number Of Employees: 16400
Headquarters: 200 Powell Place, Brentwood, TN 37027

Tractor Supply Company began in 1938 as a mail order supply company for farmers and ranchers who needed tractor parts. It has since grown as a company into a home improvement business that ranks as a leader within its niche. Tractor Supply Company goes beyond home improvement to include farm and ranching improvements that address agriculture, gardening, livestock, pets, and the needs of those who keep large animals, such as cattle and horses.

General Overview of Tractor Supply Company's Opportunities

The range of job opportunities at Tractor Supply Company varies from entry-level positions to top-tier management and professional opportunities. The company finds potential employees via two methods.

  • Active Job Search - This is the most direct method for application to specific jobs and a great tool for presenting your qualifications for that job. Applicants must be 18 years old to apply.
  • Resume Pool - The company realizes that they are many qualified candidates for each position and that their labor force needs vary due to seasonal changes within their markets. As such, they keep resumes on file and may reach out to qualified candidates for additional job opportunities.

On Glassdoor, Tractor Supply Company has a 3.1-star rating and 49 percent of employees interviewed would recommend Tractor Supply Company to a friend or relative. Also, 71 percent of the 919 reviews approve of the way that Greg Sandfort, CEO is running the company.

Positive Employee Comments

Employees of the company generally praised the fact that Tractor Supply Company lives by its mission statement - "To work hard, have fun and make money by providing legendary service and great products at everyday low prices."

Employees also were happy with their fellow workmates and consistently mention that they enjoyed their team, the customers, and had fun working at Tractor Supply Company

Keep in mind that of those employees interviewed or who posted a review of the company only 49 percent would recommend Tractor Supply Company to their friends or relatives. The negative comments include lower than expected pay, poor work-life balance and unclear company values.

Tractor Supply Store employs around 24,000 people. They have physical locations in 49 states and they are the largest business in their niche market - Rural Lifestyle Retail Store. They have an annual revenue that falls between 5-10 billion dollars. They are different from their competition which is - Lowe's, The Home Depot, and PetSmart - because they offer a one-stop shop for all aspects of rural lifestyle including pets, building, and tractor/machine supply.

Tractor Supply Store's Application Process

All job applicants apply online. They offer several ways to search for jobs which include job title searches and regional searches so that you can peruse all the open positions within your geographic area. You can also sign up for their Job Alerts service and they will email you job opportunities as they open.

  • 58 percent of employees interviewed began the application process online
  • 20 percent of employees interviewed began the application process by visiting a local store
  • 8 percent of employees interviewed were recruited via a job

If you make to the interview come prepared. They have a history of asking difficult questions including past situations where you failed, your knowledge of their company, personal experiences that deal with farming and ranching, personal information that outlines your strengths and weaknesses. Those kinds of questions pop up frequently throughout their interview process.

Past employees have said that the application process can take six or more weeks to complete.

What is the Pay Like at Tractor Supply Company

Pay varies from one region to the next and even from one town to the next. Below is a sampling of wages and a range of what you can expect.

  • Store Manager - $40K-73K
  • Team Member - $21K-30K
  • Team Leader - $49K-66K

Perks and benefits range by position, but many of their employees rave about the employee discount program which offers 15 percent off purchases. Another positive mentioned often is their 401K and matching plan, which helps employees plan for their future. This is also a company that offers a lot of options for health care benefits.

Is Tractor Supply Company a Good Place to Work?

Overall, most employees found the company a good fit. However, they take their motto seriously and they mean working hard while having fun. Many employees complained that there were not many employees on duty at the same time so each person has a role and a job to do. Another issue is the seasonal nature of the company, but they offer fair to good wages, benefits, and opportunities throughout most of the US.

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