About Sprint
Number Of Employees: 40,000+
Headquarters: 6200 Sprint Pkwy Overland Park, KS 66251

A holding of, American Telecommunications Holding Company, Sprint provides wireless and internet service, nationwide. As the fourth largest, network operator in the United States, Sprint has over 10,000 employees whose positions range from entry-level to corporate, to IT. For the beginning employee, to those with experience, Sprint offers opportunities to qualified applicants.

General Overview of Opportunities with Sprint

Some positions with Sprint will have specific requirements, and all positions require applicants to be 18 years of age. Full and part-time jobs are available and some jobs are on a normal weekly schedule, while other positions operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, requiring employees to work 2nd or 3rd shift positions in Sprints call centers. Sprint offers educational opportunities that will allow you to work your way up, in the company.

Based on reviews from Glass Door, Sprint has a 3.2, out of a 5-star rating, with 52 percent of respondents claiming they would recommend Sprint to their friends. These are some of the general experiences of current and past employees:

  • Work-life balance received good and bad points, depending on the department in which one worked
  • The most positive reaction from employees regards competitive pay, bonuses, and educational opportunities
  • Politics in upper management can cause confusion at lower levels of the organization

With over 10,000 employees, across the United States, each employee will have a different experience when interviewing, based on their location and the position they are applying for, within the company. Managers have different personalities that do not always mesh with yours. If you need any special considerations, regarding scheduling, or other issues make this known when you interview for a position.

The Interview Process at Sprint

Of those who interviewed with Sprint, 68 percent found it to be a positive experience and found the difficulty of the interview to be of average difficulty. This how they landed an interview:

  • 67 percent of applied online
  • 10 percent of applicants were employee referrals
  • 10 percent applied in person
  • 4 percent were recruited
  • 3 percent acquired an interview in another manner
  • 2 percent applied through a staffing agency
  • 1 percent were recruited from a college campus

On average, applicants got an interview within a week, depending on the location and position. One retail sales associate claims she was hired within three days, after one interview. Interview questions include how you handle situations with co-workers and customers and how you would react. Most interviewers with Sprint asked applicants about you, the applicant so be ready for answers. They may also ask you, why you want to work for Sprint. The interview process and number of interviews you have will depend on the position you apply for at Sprint.

Most employees at Sprint say that the best way to get an interview is by applying online. Based on review results, though, having a friend also seems to be a way to get your foot in the door with this company. Most managers will be more likely to hire an applicant that is available immediately and can fill the schedule where they need it filled.

What is the pay like at Sprint?

Starting pay at Sprint is above average and pay will depend on the position, for which you are hired, your experience, and the location of the job.

  • Retail Sales Consultant $12.13 per hour
  • Line Retail Consultant $ 13.90 per hour
  • Technical Consultant $ 14.74 per hour
  • Sales Associate $ 32,764 per year
  • Retail Merchandiser $ 29,436 per year
  • Manager $87,904 per year

As you can see, Sprint offers competitive salaries, and a comprehensive benefits package that includes free employee phone service, health, dental, vision, family discounts, 401K, employee stock options, paid time off, paid vacations, and more. Some corporate locations offer access to on-site, café's, game rooms, and fitness centers.

Is Sprint a Good Place to Work?

Employees say that Sprint is a great place to work with great diversity, and other employees like the expansive benefits package, while others feel that the company really cares about its employees. There is room to move up in this company and the educational opportunities. Not just a job, employment at Sprint can lead to a profitable career. If you are motivated and want to learn, and positions are available, there is room to grow with Sprint.

If you are interested in learning more about jobs locally, and across the country with Sprint, apply online and follow up with your application to let them know you are interested. The dress code in most Sprint stores is business casual, so dress your best when interviewing and you may have a new job soon.

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