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Number Of Employees: 19800
Headquarters: Speedway Attn: Customer Service Department P.O.Box 1500 Springfield, OH 45501

Speedway LLC is a line of gasoline and convenience stores based in Enon, Ohio. Founded in the first part of the 20th century as Speedway 79, the majority of its locations were based in Michigan until the stores were acquired by Marathon Petroleum Corporation in 1959. At this point, they changed the name of many of their locations to Speedway. In 1997, Marathon and Ashland Petroleum formed Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC (MAP). This joint venture combined both companies' refining and marketing into one business, forming the Speedway company we know today.

Today, more than two million people make purchases at a Speedway store every day.

Overview of Speedway Opportunities

With more than 35,000 people working at 2,700 locations, training is the number one way Speedway ensures its customers have the best experience every time they walk into any Speedway store across the country. Most stores employ both full- and part-time customer service representatives, shift managers, store managers, food handling technicians, and management trainees.

Speedway believes that committing to their employees through a comprehensive benefits package yields greater commitment to customer satisfaction. All full time positions, from customer service representatives to management trainees, have opportunities for fully vested retirement benefits, access to medical and dental benefits, paid vacation, bonus potential, and tuition reimbursement. Optional disability and life insurance is available.

Speedway also has a culture of "promote from within" that is seen throughout their employment opportunities. Customer service representatives are trained in multiple skills, including management soft skills, that will help them promote to positions with better pay.

What is the pay at Speedway?

Pay is commiserate with education and experience. Speedway also offers cash bonuses based on performance. On average, salaries at Speedway are:

  • Customer Service Representative (Hourly) - $8.50
  • Assistant Retail Sales Manager (Annually) - $44,730
  • Store Manager (Annually) - $66,759

Speedway also offers a 1.17% 401k match up to 6 percent of an employee's salary. This allows employees to receive additional future compensation after retirement. Full-time employees are given full-time hours, holiday pay, access to a generous medical and dental benefits package, and tuition reimbursement.

How do you interview at Speedway?

All employment applications are processed online at the company's website. Employees are required to go through a standard background check as well as an interview with one or more members of the Speedway management team. What happens after the application is completed depends largely on the position the person is applying for. Cashiers are generally interviewed briefly over the phone by a human resource manager and then in-store by the store manager. Recruiters, shift managers, store managers, and management trainees are interviewed over the phone by a human resource manager, then in person by a regional manager and human resource manager.

Is Speedway a good place to work?

Speedway's commitment to employee integrity is evident in how they expect their employees to treat one another. Any grievances that cannot be settled on a local level can be filed through the company's "Integrity Helpline". This allows all employees, regardless of their position, to have their issues heard and addressed at appropriate levels. They also believe a diverse workplace helps them compete in the world marketplace and are committed to fostering an environment that is diverse both in population and in ideas.

Despite its commitment to its employees and their experience, Speedway is still a gasoline and convenience store. Some may find the work monotonous while others are comfortable in the routine. However, most employees, current and former, enjoy interacting with the customers, even developing friendships with several "regulars".

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