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Number Of Employees: 280K+
Headquarters: 2 Campus Dr. Parsippany, NJ 07054

A Swedish Company, Securitas USA a division of Securitas AB provides security personnel for businesses across the United States. With locations in 200 cities, nationwide, and over 85,000 employees they are the most locally-focused Security Company in the county. They offer on-site, mobile, and remote guarding of companies, as well as corporate risk management, at some locations. Jobs with Securitas USA include security officers, security guards, armed security guard, supervisory, and administrative positions, within the company.

General Overview of Opportunities with Securitas

Some positions with Securitas may have more specific requirements than other positions in the company and you must be 18 to apply, according to the application page of their website. Some supervisory positions are filled from within the company and many security guards and other personnel are hired from outside the company. Securitas has entry-level positions, where you can get started in security, and positions that require more highly trained personnel.

Based on Glass Door surveys, the company has 2.8 out of 5-stars, and 44 percent of employees would recommend the jog to a friend. These are general assessments of the job from current and former employees.

  • Many reviewers say that the job is easy, and has a relaxed environment
  • Moving up within the company is difficult for other reviewers
  • Set schedules, with full-time hours and available overtime, were appealing to some reviewers
  • Low pay, was a complaint by some employees
  • While other respondents said the pay and benefits are good

With offices in over 200 cities, every employee will have a different experience. Security personnel is often located in areas that are remote from their office. Some of these locations may be favorable, while others are not. You may have a different experience based on your supervisor, your assignment, and its location. When applying with Securitas prepare a list of questions that you might have about the job and ask them at your interview.

Interview Process with Securitas

According to reviews, 57 percent had a positive interview and most said that the process was below average. To land an interview:

  • 70 percent applied online
  • 15 percent applied in person
  • 6 percent were employee referral?s
  • 3 percent were from another source
  • 2 percent of hires came from recruitment

As with most interviews, you will be asked a few questions about how you would handle certain situations. One reviewer reports that the hiring process took two weeks. Another particular reviewer, who applied online, was invited to interview and was subsequently offered a job on the spot. Others had different experiences, and so will you. Be prepared for questions during the interview, and if you have any questions prepare them beforehand, write them down and take them with you.

Many employees suggest the best way to get an interview with Securitas is with an online application. Although, 30 percent of applicants got in the door through another door, so if you have a friend or acquaintance who is employed with Securitas, ask them for a referral. Once you apply, wait a couple of days and make a call or send an e-mail thanking the interviewer and letting them know of your interest in the job. When interviewing, go well-groomed, and properly dressed. You do not need to wear a suit, just look neat and professional.

What is the Pay Like at Securitas?

Starting pay will vary according to your experience, position, location, and the city in which you are employed. The below pay averages come from PayScale.com.

  • Security Officer/Guard $ 10.72 per hour
  • Armed Security Officer $13.34 per hour
  • Security Supervisor $12.91 per hour
  • Security Manager $19.75 per hour
  • Account Manager $14.76 per hour
  • Control Room Operator $14.87 per hour

According to reviewers on Glass Door benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid vacation, paid time off, and Holiday pay. Employees that move into supervisory and more responsible roles are offered more perks.

Is Securitas a Good Place to Work?

Current and former employees say that the jobs are easy, and management is supportive. There is room for advancement but it is limited. If you want a job that is secure, with the opportunity of full and overtime work, a career as a security guard can give you skills to work in your current city or transfer to an office, across the country.

Every company offers a chance for advancement and Securitas offers this benefit. Management positions are available if you have the experience and skills to fill them. Entry-level or professional, a job in the security business is a secure job and Securitas has positions open, across the globe. If you are interested in working for one of the largest security companies in the world, apply online with Securitas, today. Once you have applied or interviewed, follow up with a call or email to let them know you are still interested, and available.

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