About RaceTrac
Number Of Employees: 5200
Headquarters: 3225 Cumberland Blvd., Ste. 100 Atlanta, GA 30339

RaceTrac is a petroleum company that runs service stations across several southeastern states. The company itself operates stations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, and it has connected contractor-run RaceWay stations in several other states, as of 2017. RaceTrac stations are large, featuring 20 or more gas pumps and large, connected retail spaces with thousands of square feet of space. The company offers positions in their corporate offices such as administration, and in-store positions such as guest services associates and managers.

Overview of RaceTrac Opportunities

On the company's website, the recruitment page offers people the option to explore Home Office, In Store, and Internship opportunities. The Home Office link brings potential applicants to 24 clickable job types such as engineering, finance, construction, information systems, and human resources.

In-store opportunities for associates at RaceTrac include flexible schedules and opportunities to learn skills such as leadership and customer service. The company offers its store associates the opportunity to earn a scholarship for a two or four year school to continue their education. Internships at the company last for 10 weeks, take place over the summer at the Atlanta home office, and participants are paid. These internships are available in 15 departments of the company.

RaceTrac has 3.5 stars on Glassdoor, and almost 70% of employees would recommend working for the company to a friend. Impressively, almost 90% of employees approve of the company's CEO, a sign that they have faith in their current position and in the company's future. Some of the comments made by workers include:

  • Relatively easy work at the in-store settings, but be prepared to be busy;
  • Flexible schedules are great, and starting pay tends to be higher than for other service stations in the same area;
  • There are lots of opportunities for advancement to management for in-store employees, and for home office employers to move both up the ladder and to vertical positions in other divisions.

The Interview Process at RaceTrac

Employees indicate that you can apply online for jobs at RaceTrac, or fill out applications in stores. Many reported that the interview process for in-store associate positions is done quickly, and that background checks also come back quickly. For positions in the home office or for in-store management, employees report doing a follow-up phone interview, followed by an in-person interview before being given a decision on their employment. Interview questions for RaceTrac tend toward customers service scenarios, such as how to deal with rude or unhappy customers.

What is the Pay Like at RaceTrac?

Pay at RaceTrac varies based on whether you work at the home office or at one of the company's service stations. According to Glassdoor, some salaries include:

  • Guest Services Associate - $9.63 per hour
  • Store Associate - $9.43 per hour
  • Store Manager - $49,805 annually

Benefits at RaceTrac vary by position, but they do offer benefits packages for even part-time employees. The company website includes options such as medical, vision, and dental plans, wellness initiatives, professional development, a scholarship program, and free in-store drinks.

Is RaceTrac a Good Place to Work?

People taking on their first job can start as an in-store associate at RaceTrac at a good hourly wage, and work themselves up to a better paying annual salary as a manager. Because RaceTrac stores are large and busy, it offers the opportunity for associates to learn customer service, working in a fast paced environment, and becoming part of a team that advances the goals of the company to make a profit while maintaining good customer relations. People who are ready to start a career in a field such as HR and accounting can do well by working with RaceTrac at its home office in Atlanta and receiving good salaries and benefits.

You can start the process of applying at RaceTrac online, though if your goal is to work in a store, you may be better off just popping in and filling out an application. According to current employees, you may get an interview on the spot, attend training if you are hired, and be on the floor in no time. There's no need to put on your best interview clothes if you are applying for an in-store associate position, but if you are looking to work in the home office or in store management it's best to put your best foot forward both in dress and in having an updated, professional resume and positive demeanor.

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