About Petco
Number Of Employees: 25K+
Headquarters: 9125 Rehco Roa, San Diego, CA 92121

Petco ranks in the #100 slot on Forbes list of "America's Largest Private Companies." It is an active competitor in the pet supply and live pet industry with 1,500 locations spread across all 50 states. Job opportunities range from grooming specialists and trainers to customer service reps, cashiers, and stockers. Professional job opportunities range from logistics to managerial making this a company with a lot of opportunities to advance.

General Overview of Opportunities at Petco

As mentioned, the job opportunities at Petco range from entry-level to professional. For most Petco stores, the minimum age for employment is 18-years of age, but in Alaska, applicants as young as 16 may apply and work. The company offers many "first job" positions and works with both high school and college students.

As a large, well-represented company, the job structures range from helping customers and caring for live animals to managing stores and managing the flow of supplies (logistics) to keep all 1,500 locations stocked.

Employees (past and present) rated the company with 2.8 stars on Glassdoor. The slightly above average rating is paired with the following statistics. 41 percent of employees (past and present) would recommend Petco to a friend or family member as a place to work.

Petco's Hiring Process

The majority of applicants apply to Petco online - 76 percent. Stores do accept in-person applications and around 12-percent of employees apply at their local Petco. Around 4 percent of employees (past and present) were referred by an employee of Petco.

From interviews with current and past employees and those who have applied the interview process at Petco is very relaxed. Many people were disappointed by the lack of formal questioning during the interview process. Petco seems to focus on each applicants hobbies and interests and if you plant to apply be sure to go in ready to discuss both.

What Is the Pay like at Petco

Hourly wages range from the federally mandated minimum wage to $12 per hour. An entry level Sales Associate can expect to earn between $15,000 and $31,000 per year with a majority of full-time Sales Associates in the $22,000 per year range. A Guest Experience Leader's salary ranges from $27K to $40K per year making the jump from Sales Associate to entry-level management profitable.

Professionals at Petco are paid as follows:

  • Inventory manager $44K to $57K with the median around $49K per year.
  • Store Managers earn from $37K to $73K annually while an Assistant Store Manager earns $29K to $50K per year.
  • Dog Groomer Apprentices earn between $15K and $19K annually, while a Dog Groom can earn as much as $31K per year.

Petco has many job titles and their business easily divides into several categories, including in-store customer care and sales, grooming, livestock care, and professional managers. Wages are tiered to encourage advancement from entry level upwards.

Is Petco a Good Place to Work?

Petco seems to be a good place to work for anyone who is looking for an entry-level position. Many past and present employees were happy with their working conditions and felt the team environment was positive. The company does offer advancement opportunities but many employees felt as though the wages earned were low.

Potential applicants should investigate job openings thoroughly so that they understand the pay, benefits, and expectations.

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