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Number Of Employees: 10,000+
Headquarters: 770 Cochituate Road Framingham, MA 01701

TJX Companies owns and operates the Marshalls chain of discount department stores. HomeGoods and T.J.Maxx stores are also operated by this company and are considered sister chains, although hiring is handled separately among all three chains. Marshalls is considered the second largest low-price or discount family clothing chain after only T.J.Maxx, and its continued growth means it has plenty of opportunities for employees to move up as well. The company doesn't disclose its employment figures, but it does have over 1,000 stores in the U.S. alone as of 2017.

Opportunities at Marshalls

Marshalls hires store employees as young as 16 years of age, although there is an 18 years and up age limit on corporate positions. Positions with the company are separated into retail placements, merchandising departments, corporate positions, and shipping and logistics management. Employees are often encouraged to apply to positions at different branches of the company as they gain new skills and interests through on-the-job training and exposure.

Working at Marshalls stores doesn't just mean becoming a sales floor associate or general team member either. Loss prevention specialists, store distribution handling, and management opportunities are also available. Applicants with little previous experience often start as a sales associate and then move into a low level management position within the first few years of work, according to users of Glassdoor.

Current and former employees give the Marshalls chain a total rating of 3.5 of 5 stars. This is a relatively average score for a retail company with both corporate and store positions. Over 60% of users rating the company on Glassdoor would recommend taking a job there to a friend. Many employees felt it was a good starter job but lacked chances for growth if the store they happened to work in didn't have a lot of new openings for upward movement.

The main complaints involved the minimum wage pay that team members, cashiers, and sales associates receive and the relatively low pay for the first few jobs above those positions as well. Employees that did achieve positions above entry-level reported that they were pleased with other forms of compensation, such as benefits packages and retirement funds. Others found the company accommodating in requests for time off, schedule changes, and sick leave.

The Marshalls Interview Process

The majority of interviews reported on Glassdoor from Marshalls received a positive rating, with only 12% receiving a negative rating. Retail level employees found the application and interview process fairly simple and standard, with many questions focusing on the applicant's willingness to promote in-store products and services. Other questions were more general and involved tests of working well under pressure and dealing with specific retail challenges.

  • Many people report getting a job offer or first interview while dropping their application off in person, making this a better choice than applying online
  • Over 50% of people applied in person for the job, with less than 20% applying online
  • The difficulty of the interview process was rated as Average by over 350 applicants

Marshalls Pay Scale

Hourly retail positions for Marshalls stores tend to stay just above minimum wage, depending on the area and the experience of the employee. Some common pay points include:

  • Cashiers: $8.50
  • Sales Floor Associates: $9.00
  • Merchandisers: $11.25
  • Customer Experience Coordinator: $10.66

At the management and corporate level, salaries are much more common. The pay scale at this level includes:

  • Assistant Manager: $49,000
  • Store Manager: $74,000
  • Operations Manager: $57,000

All full time employees, from cashiers to high level management, receive benefits like paid sick leave and health insurance, Part-time employees may qualify for these benefits as well depending on the state they're employed in and the specific store. Many people find the employee discount, which ranges from 10% to 20% based on the time of the year, to be their favorite benefit.

Is Marshalls a Good Place to Work?

The entry level positions at Marshalls are not the highest paying opportunities in retail, but former employees also reported that the workload was not unfair for the level of pay either. It's a good place to gain experience. Your individual store will determine what kind of opportunities for upward growth are available to you within the company at least.

You can always take what you've learned while working at a Marshalls store and apply at another retail store or chain if you feel qualified and don't want to wait for a position. The skills you build at this company are applicable across the industry. It's also an ideal source of employment for teens looking to build skills and retired adults who don't want a very demanding career but still enjoy getting out of the house. Since the interview process is relatively easy and the company doesn't have a long list of requirements for its lower level positions, it's worth giving a job at Marshalls a try.

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