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Number Of Employees: 160K+
Headquarters: 7 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Macy's is a department store that is rich in tradition and history. Established in 1858, this department store, which was originally known as R.H. Macy & Co., has expended from a single store in New York City to over 728 department store locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Considered one of the most iconic department stores in the United States, Macy's serves as a retail outlet that provides customers with access to a number of essential products ranging from housewares, clothing, and beauty products to footwear, jewelry, and furniture. Part-time, full-time, and seasonal job opportunities are available for sales associates, retail associates, sales managers, and beauty advisors.

An Overview of Career Opportunities Available at Macy's

Currently, according to Macy's Jobs, the company provides over 160,000 individuals with jobs. That number increases over the holiday seasons, as seasonal career opportunities come available around October and typically end in January or February.

Most of the jobs available at Macy's are no different than any other job in the retail industry. The difference in working at Macy's lies in the benefits you receive when you become an employee.

Workers receive a number of benefits that range from in-store discounts, flexible scheduling options, and paid training to potential career advancement within the company, paid training, and the option to march in the historic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York City. Full-time employees, and some part-time employees, within the company will be eligible to receive health benefits, paid time off, and retirement benefits.

Most of the jobs available at Macy's require little or no previous retail experience. However, employees must be able to perform required tasks that include demonstrating a vast knowledge of products, assisting with the fitting rooms, heavy lifting, customer service, completing transactions at the register, processing payments, and processing returns. On-the-job training to learn these skills is provided for individuals who have no previous retail experience.

Some jobs, such as beauty advisor and retail manager, require specific knowledge tailored to the job. Beauty advisors must be able to meet sales goals, provide excellent customer service, and have a vast knowledge of current beauty trends and various beauty products. Retail managers must have previous experience leading and supervising in a retail industry, knowledge of Macy's policies and procedures, ability to multi-task, and meet department or sales goals.

All employees at Macy's must be at least 18 years old.

Salaries for Jobs at Macy's

All jobs at Macy's pay at least minimum wage. Minimum wage varies depending upon the state you live in.

When you work at Macy's a number of factors will determine how much you earn. Factors such as previous experience, department worked in, position and store location influence your pay rate.

On average, the salary for Macy's jobs is as follows:

  • Sales Associates - $9.40/hour
  • Retail Sales Associates - $9.40/hour
  • Sales Manager - $48,797/year

Many positions, including sales associates, retail sales associates, and beauty advisors, offer you the chance to earn additional money by offering a sales commission program. Employees can earn commission from meeting sales goals, helping meet target numbers for credit card applications, and other factors.

Macy's Interview Process

The first step in obtaining a job at Macy's is getting an interview. People were able to gain an in-person interview by applying online, applying in the store, being recruited, or through an employee referral.

Exact statistics for getting an interview at Macy's is as follows:

  • 82% applied online using the Macy's Jobs website
  • 6% attended a recruiting event held on a college campus or at a job fair
  • 5% applied in person at the store
  • 2% were referred to Macy's by other employees
  • 1% used a job recruiter
  • 1% said they got their interview using other means

The interview process at Macy's is relatively easy as seen by the 2.2 rating on Glassdoor. Employees who have gone through the interview process said the interview involved discussing previous work experience, asking questions about why you want to work for Macy's, what you can bring to the company, how you might go about selling a credit card to a customer, how you would sell a product, and your potential availability.

While there is no way to determine who will or won't be hired, people with more availability and previous work experience tend to get hired. Also, people who are friendly, outgoing, and positive about working in retail have been able to land a job at Macy's.

Is Macy's the Right Place for You to Work?

Working at Macy's is an extremely positive experience for many individuals. In fact, an overwhelming 61% of former and current employees said they had positive experiences working at Macy's. Another 22% said their experience was neutral.

Your experience will vary depending upon your ambition to move up within the company, your sales ability, and your customer services and interpersonal skills. People who are outgoing, positive, and great with interpersonal skills tend to have a better experience working for Macy's.

Working for such an iconic and historic company is an opportunity of a lifetime. You can gain valuable skills that will help you succeed whether you wish to be promoted within the company or get a job elsewhere. To start the interview process, apply online or at a local Macy's store.

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