About King Soopers
Number Of Employees: 19k+
Headquarters: 65 Tejon St Denver, CO 80223

Who is King Soopers?

Denver, Colorado-based King Soopers, founded in nearby Arvada in 1947, is Colorado's largest retail grocer. Its full-service grocery and pharmacy stores are now found throughout New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, though nearly half are within the Denver metro area. King Soopers became part of The Kroger Company when its parent, Dillon Companies, was merged into the Kroger family of brands. King Soopers has evolved from its early-days supermarket line of goods to include a wide array of organic, natural and bulk food products. as well as online ordering and home delivery of both food and prescription medicines.

Job Opportunities at King Soopers

Indeed.com lists 207 employment opportunities among the various King Soopers locations. Retail hourly associates both full and part time dominate the listings, as do non-certified pharmacy technicians. Bakers, cake decorators, and grocery clerk openings are numerous as well, Additional opportunities include stock room, production, manufacturing, e-commerce, coffee shop clerk, and store or regional management. King Soopers describes the work environment as fast-paced, and demands of its employees hard work, friendly demeanor, and commitment to placing customer needs first.

Benefits, according to employee reviews on Glassdoor.com, include health insurance, two weeks of paid time off, 401(k), 10 percent discount on store products, tuition assistance, and a pay raise after 1,000 hours of work.

Applications are accepted online or at the King Soopers store that is hiring. The company job portal claims that a job seeker can apply today and be hired tomorrow. While no employee on Glassdoor mentioned a turnaround quite that quick, several said the process is short. One mentioned walking in to apply and being interviewed by the manager on that same visit. Several others said their time from application to hire was a mere two or three days. Virtually all reviews of the interview process described it as basic and easy.

A background and drug test is part of every application process.

Employees are members of UFCW (The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union), which represents member workers in negotiations with King Soopesr on wage, benefits and working condition regulations.

What are Wages Like at King Soopers?

  • Grocery Checkers average $10.34 per hour
  • Cashiers make, on average, $11.48 per hour
  • Bakers average $34,351 per year
  • Assistant deli managers earn a little over $18 an hour, while deli managers average $20.45
  • Pharmacists earn between $100,000 and $134,000 annually
  • Overnight stockers average $15.71 per hour

Is King Soopers a Good Place to Work?

On Glassdoor, King Soopers has earned a low 2.8 rating from 431 employee reviewers. A mere 39 percent would recommend the employer to their friends. The grocer fares a bit better on Indeed, with a 3.4 rating from 654 reviewers. Chief among the workers' complaints are low wages and lack of advancement opportunities, which they say result in high turnover. As one worker put it, that short staffing requires the employees that stay on to pick up the slack. Employees also complain of a high medical insurance premium, a store discount offered for Kroger products only, and the need to wait for a full year before earning any paid time off. One employee noted that after seven years of employment, her vacation was still the same two weeks she'd been given her first year.

On Indeed, management earns the poorest rating of any aspects of working for King Soopers. Managers are described by many as overbearing, demanding and unkind. Complaints include unwillingness to alter schedules for important appointments or college classes. Some workers point out that managers are demanding of their own subordinates because of their own stressful work loads.

Friendly co-workers, a weekly paycheck, good benefits, and paid training are the positive aspects of King Soopers employment most often noted by online reviewers.

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