About Hobby Lobby
Number Of Employees: 23K+
Headquarters: 7707 S.W. 44th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73179

The first Hobby Lobby opened in 1972 and took up 300 square feet of retail space in Oklahoma City. Over the years, they have grown to over 600 stores, nationwide, and are still a privately owned company. Their home headquarters building covers 9.2 million feet of floor space that includes an office complex, manufacturing, and distribution. Jobs include entry-level and branch out to supervisory positions, store management, corporate, distribution, and trucking.

General Overview of Opportunities at Hobby Lobby

Some positions with Hobby Lobby have specified requirements and is one of the few companies that will hire as young as 16, for some entry-level positions. Employees in higher positions in the company have worked their way up, as Hobby Lobby, hires from within, when possible. With over 28,000 positions, jobs are available from the bottom to the top of the organization.

The company has a 3.2 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor and 54 percent of respondents said they would recommend the job to their friends. These are general assessments given by employees were positive with a few minor qualms. It can be hard to get a full-time position, in some locations, and balancing home and work life can be challenging with scheduling for some positions.

Hobby Lobby has over 600 locations across the nation and 28,000 employees. Employees that wrote reviews had different experiences and the locations reviewed span the country. Your experience will vary by location, and the management team and employees that you work with. These can include the hours you will be expected to work, and duties of the job position. If you have any special requirements regarding hours, you can work, or any other special issues, make them known at the interview.

Hobby Lobby Interview Process

According to those who have applied with Hobby Lobby, 59 percent had a positive interview experience and rated the difficulty of the interview about average. To get an interview with Hobby Lobby:

  • 67 percent applied in person
  • 15 percent applied online
  • 7 percent were employee referrals
  • 4 percent obtained interviews through other means
  • 3 percent were recruited

The interview process can vary by location and some applicants were hired immediately while other hires have taken a week. If you apply in person, make sure you are dressed properly because this may be your only chance to get the job. One applicant mentioned the math test given at the end of the interview. The math test is part of the interview process and you will not be allowed the aid of a calculator. Be prepared for this if you are applying with Hobby Lobby.

Most of those hired by Hobby Lobby got their job by walking in the door of a local store. If you apply online or drop off an application locally, call them in a couple of days and let them know you are interested. Applicants with good math skills, who can pass the interview exam, will be more likely to be hired.

How is the pay at Hobby Lobby?

Starting pay will vary by location and job position but according to PayScale.com, salaries at Hobby Lobby are above average for retail employees.

  • Cashier $10.35 per hour
  • Retail Sales Associate $ 14.82 per hour
  • Retail Store Assistant Manager $ 15.86 per hour
  • Customer Service Manager $15.20 per hour
  • Administrative Assistant $ 17.20 per hour
  • Department Manager, Retail $13.90 per hour

Benefits, per the Hobby Lobby website, include every Sunday off, completive pay, holiday pay, paid time off, paid vacation, 401(k) plan, long-term disability, medical, dental, and prescription plan, flexible spending plan, group life insurance, merchandise discounts, and a great work environment. Employees receive a 15 percent discount for merchandise.

Is Hobby Lobby a Good Place to Work?

Current and former employees say that the team members are friendly and everyone likes that they are closed on Sunday. Pay is competitive, according to most respondents. Hobby Lobby offers employees a chance to be promoted, from within, as you learn more the business and are willing to take on more responsibility.

How well you do in climbing the ladder is up to you once the opportunity presents itself. If you are interested in jobs at Hobby Lobby, you can apply online or in person, at your local store. Follow up on the application with a phone call or e-mail and let them know you are interested. You do not need a three-piece suit, or fancy dress when applying at Hobby Lobby, but you do need to be neatly dressed and groomed so that you make a good, first impression.

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