About CVS
Number Of Employees: 5000+
Headquarters: Woonsocket, RI

CVS is one of the country's most ubiquitous storefronts, and with over 9,700 locations in 49 states, it often feels like there is one on every corner. In fact, 76% of the nation's population lives within 5 miles of a CVS. Founded in 1963, Consumer Value Store (CVS) got its start in New England. The firm currently holds the top spot for largest chain pharmacy in the United States, both by revenue from prescriptions and number of stores. With approximately 158,000 employees and their high number of stores, CVS is almost always hiring cashiers, warehouse personnel, and merchandise stockers.

Typical CVS Opportunities

CVS offers the usual retail jobs, such as stocker, cashier, and warehouse personnel positions. Additionally, there are also opportunities in the pharmacy that require further training and knowledge. If you are looking for a medical-adjacent career such as pharmacy assistant or technician, CVS is a good option.

Their overall focus on health continues into the role of retail employees, where a caring and helpful attitude and mindset are expected. CVS serves about 5 million customers each day throughout their many locations, and the company expects CVS employees to offer an overwhelmingly positive experience to them. CVS offers opportunities for advancement and is known for the positive feelings between co-workers and a generally positive work environment.

  • CVS receives 2.8 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, with 36% of the respondents stating that they would recommend employment there to a friend.
  • There is a significant amount of positive feedback about the team feeling of working in one the company's retail locations.
  • The company is a popular choice for students looking for part-time employment with a flexible schedule.
  • Reports on Indeed mention that each store location can have a very distinctive environment and job quality can vary depending on the manager, etc.

What to Expect at Your CVS Interview

68% of the 2,500 interview reviews on Glassdoor were obtained via the online application process, with 10% through in-person inquiry and 7% were friend referrals. Overall, the process is reported to be fairly simple, with 59% reporting a positive interview experience.

The interview will focus a lot on treating the customer in a positive manner, with questions such as "How would you best deal with an unhappy or difficult customer?". The majority of respondents on Glassdoor report an overall positive experience with an outcome of an accepted job offer. There are also some respondents that completed the online application and then called their local store to set up an interview in order to speed up the process. All hiring and paperwork are conducted through the online portal.

There are mixed reports on how flexible the managers can be with timing requests and the need for flexibility in the employee's work schedule. Reports vary depending on the store, with some offering a lot of flexibility to a high number of student employees, while others are geared more to the same set schedule each week. It is best to inquire with the manager prior to the interview if there is a need for high flexibility in the worker's schedule. The job-applications.com website has video examples of the entire interview process.

How Competitive is the Pay at CVS?

While the majority of the front-end and entry-level retail positions are paid at the minimum wage level, pharmacy technicians and associates typically start at a higher rate. As CVS believes in training and hiring from within, there is a lot of room for advancement.

  • Cashier - minimum wage to start with advancement to $8 - $9/hr
  • Shift Supervisors - earn an average of $11.76/hour
  • Pharmacists - can make an average of $60/hour
  • According to several reports on Indeed, staff members are also eligible for quarterly raises.

Overall Work Experience at CVS

CVS is an excellent place to start your career or to earn money while in school. Flexible schedules are available and there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. If you are looking for an entry-level job that is not a dead end, CVS is a good option. This company cares about its customers and its employees and it shows in the overall experience that one has in a CVS store.

If training and upward advancement are important to you, CVS deserves a look, even if you do not stay with the company for your entire career, the training that they offer will help to expand your future opportunities. Many students begin as a part-time employee and are able to work their way up to a management position. There are also opportunities for higher-level trained positions in the pharmacy.

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