About Coca Cola
Number Of Employees: 146,200
Headquarters: 1 Coca Cola Plz NW Atlanta, GA

With a history that dates to the late 1800's Coca-Cola has been a household name for over a hundred years. With operations that span the nation and the Globe, the Coca-Cola Company has a number of available positions. These include customer-service team members, merchandisers, transport drivers, casual laborers, machine operators, administrative assistants, order makers, buyers, brand managers, marketing managers, financial systems analysts, human resources managers, and operation's management personnel.

General Overview of Coca-Cola Opportunities

Some positions at Coca-Cola may have specific requirements for employment and all applicants must be 18 years old, according to the application page of their website. Some employees of Coca-Cola are hired from within the company and they look for skilled employees from outside. They do have some entry-level jobs, while others will require certification, a degree, and for some drivers, a CDL license.

The company rates 3.5 out of 5-stars, with Glassdoor, and 65 percent say they would recommend the company to a friend. These are general assessments of jobs held by former and current employees.

  • Some workers claim they have work-life balance, while others complain of long hours that negatively affect their lives
  • Multiple employees had praise for the benefits offered at Coca-Cola
  • Upper management may not be attuned to the needs of lower level employees
  • Many reviewers claim that the pay and benefits are good

Coca-Cola employees over 125,000 people, worldwide, and they work in many different areas of the company. From production to shipping, merchandising, and sales there are many jobs within the company. With this many employees and different job roles, in multiple locations, each employee will have a different experience with their job. Even though everyone is working for the same company, management styles will vary by location and department. When applying with, prepare questions that you want to be answered before you go to your first interview.

Coca-Cola Interview Process

According to reviews from former and current employees, 68 percent had a positive interview and most rated the experience as slightly above average in difficulty. To get an interview with Coca-Cola:

  • 56 percent applied online
  • 13 percent are employee referrals
  • 8 percent are recruited
  • 8 Campus recruiting
  • 7 percent in person
  • 3 percent through some other means
  • 2 percent through a staffing agency

Like most interviews, you will be asked questions about how you would react in a certain situation, with customers and employees. These questions might concern situations that you have faced professionally or a challenge that you have met and overcome. This particular reviewer applied through an employee referral and the hiring process took a month. Questions for this interview used a targeted selection process to query the interviewee about behaviors that will pertain to the job for which you are applying. This applicant secured the position and is now working for Coca-Cola.

What is the pay like at Coca-Cola?

As with most jobs, salary will depend on the position and your experience, and the location. These are average salaries from Glassdoor and reflect incomes that are higher than average, even for entry-level positions.

  • Coca-Cola Merchandiser $13.85 per hour
  • Order Builder $14.27 per hour
  • Intern $18.67 per hour
  • Driver Merchandiser $18.35 per hour
  • Merchandiser $32,374 per year
  • Account Manager (small store) $45,842 per year

According to reviewers benefits include paid time off, vacation pay, 401(k), health, dental, vision, and life insurance, educational funding, as well as flex time hours, and alternative work arrangements. Benefits will vary due to the position you obtain and the location. some upper-level positions may offer bonuses that will increase your income.

Is Coca-Cola a good Place to Work?

Both current and former employees of Coca-Cola say that it is a good place to work with room for advancement and monetary rewards. Whether you are just beginning your career or looking for a change this may be the company that offers what you have been looking for. With locations across the nation and the world, you will have the opportunity to work in a city near you, or far away.

How well you do in any job is up to you and finding a position that suits your skills and personality is important. Find a company with which you can grow a career is important, too, and the Coca-Cola Company may be a great place for you. If you are interested in a career with Coca-Cola Company, fill out an online application and follow up with a phone call, to let them know you interested. If you have a friend that works for Coca-Cola, ask for an introduction and get your foot in the door, of a new career. When you arrive for your interview, be dressed and groomed according to the job for which you are applying.

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