About Amtrak
Number Of Employees: 19K+
Headquarters: 60 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20549

Amtrak is the name given to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and plays a remarkable role in intercity transportation with an extreme focus on safety, affordability, and customer satisfaction. In 2015, Amtrak served the transportation needs of 30.8 million people across our 300 + Amtrak trains.

Overview of Amtrak's Opportunities

Amtrak employs a wide range of people from entry level to highly skilled positions and some, where special licensure is a requirement. On Glassdoor, Amtrak has a 3.4-star rating with strong marks given for:

  • Good Pay
  • Union Representation
  • Great Benefits

Also, 63 percent of employee responses on Glassdoor indicate that they would recommend the company to their friends and family as a place of employment. Of the employees who commented on Glassdoor, 58 percent approve of the job that Charles W. Moorman (CEO) is doing. Respondents ranged from locomotive engineers and electricians to sales and service agents.

The company employs more than 20,000 people and according to statements from its employees on Glassdoor ? the company represents a tremendous opportunity for advancement. All of which are needed to serve the 500+ destinations throughout the 46 US States and parts of Canada. Amtrak provides transportation by train but connects destinations with other modes of transportation including buses and ferries.

The biggest complaint about working for Amtrak from employee responses on Glassdoor was the amount of time spent away from home and family. There are, however, issues and one of those issues involves retirement and benefits. Amtrak is in a gray area in that it is partly a government company and part a private sector company. That means that the US Congress sets the rules and regulations for how the pension process works. If you are interested in working for Amtrak be sure to look deeper into how the pension system works for each job that you apply. The other problem is that Amtrak has union contracts, according to information found on Wiki, 14 unions which represent 24 different contracts. The high number of contracts and unions makes it difficult for Amtrak to make positive changes.

Amtrak's Application Process

Job opportunities are divided into ten categories and offer a variety of ways to find the right job for you. On their site, prospects and enter their email address and Amtrak will email job opportunities to them. You can also use their site to search for jobs within a geographic area and the search by location feature helps prospects find jobs within their local area.

The good news about working with Amtrak is that they are truly an equal opportunity employer and they welcome people from all ethnicities and ages. They focus on respect and opportunity and the company recognizes that their company culture plays a direct role in customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, both of which are highly regarded at Amtrak.

The application process works from an individual job opening and the application process begins online. They do offer a gateway for applicants to communicate with their human resources unit via a twitter account where prospects can tweet questions to the HR team and receive both general and individual responses.

The pay range at Amtrak is vast. It begins around $14 per hour and ranges to $175,000 + annually for directors. A good example of the pay range is from Glassdoor responses. A Reservation Sales Agent paid hourly starts at $14 per hour and maxes out at $26 per hour. A Systems Developer starts at $93,000 annually and maxes out at $117,000 annually. A Director position starts at $120,000 and maxes out at $175,000 annually.

Keep in mind that employee responses on Glassdoor praised the opportunities available for those working at Amtrak.

Is Amtrak a Good Place to Work?

For most of the employees at Amtrak, the company is a great place to work. Many praised the high wages and good benefits plus the tremendous opportunity to advance not only in pay but in position. Amtrak is a highly recognized company with a very positive company culture. Some positions are not very every person as they require you to be away from home frequently and often for days at a time. That dimension makes some jobs at Amtrak more difficult to fulfill family and relationship obligations.

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