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Working for the ALDI Corporation

ALDI is an international supermarket chain which has been thriving for more than half a century. With more than 10,000 stores around the world, ALDI has a solid base of operations in the United States. Trader Joe's is a subsidiary of the international ALDI organization, but within the U.S., the two chains typically operate independently in terms of listing career opportunities.

The U.S. ALDI market was established in 1976, and is based in Batavia, Illinois. The company specializes in cost-effective groceries, with more than 1,600 stores currently spread across 35 states. Its ALDI-exclusive brands have been proven to save shoppers up to 50 percent on their weekly staples. The chain also offers ample opportunity for employment, offering jobs for buyers, IT specialists, warehouse associates, store and district managers, cashiers, chefs, warehouse associates, drivers and more.

General Overview of Opportunities Within ALDI

Most ALDI stores require that employees be at least 18 years of age, but it's best for minors to check individual stores. While experience is always preferred, entry-level positions are possible for those who have no experience. Competitive wages and benefits, paid training, and a hierarchy that puts an emphasis on job growth from within, are heavily-promoted aspects of ALDI's career opportunities literature.

In 2016, Symplicity named ALDI one of the Top 25 employers for recent college graduates. Respondents cited such advantages as travel opportunities in management positions, along with benefits packages that can include a car and an iPhone. Other top citations include Forbes' "America's Best Large Employers for 2017" and Workplace Dynamics' "National Top Workplace for 2017" awards.

ALDI currently holds a 3.3 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, the job recruiting and career database. Of the approximately 2,100 respondents, 74 percent are enthusiastic about the CEO, and 56 percent would recommend the working environment to a friend. Among the benefits employees cited in the Glassdoor survey are the potential to own several stores within an ALDI district (with strong corporate support), scheduling flexibility, and major benefits such as a company car.

ALDI Application and Interview Process

About 75 percent of Glassdoor respondents had a positive to neutral opinion on the ALDI interview process, and overall the difficulty rating was rated as "average." In terms of applications, the greatest number or respondents (38 percent) applied online, while 23 percent filled out an application in person. Another 21 percent responded to campus recruitment. The remaining 12 percent applied to ALDI through other means, including staffing agencies, professional recruiters and employee referrals.

The nature of the interview process will, of course, depend on the job to which you are applying. Entry-level positions, such as cashiers and clerks, generally go through one interview session, which is set up an average of one week after applying.

For higher level jobs, there may be multiple forms to fill out, followed by a brief phone interview. Once those hurdles are cleared, successful higher-level applicants may be asked to come in for a group interview of about 45 minutes (which may include other applicants as well as multiple managers), followed by a 30-minute one-on-one interview. This process can take up to four weeks.

Entry-level applicants can expect questions relating to familiarity with, and opinion of, ALDI, as well an overview of relevant experience. They may also be asked scenario-based questions, as in, "What would you do if X happened?" At the management level, questions during the multi-step interview process will also focus on experience, but additionally center on philosophy of management and career aspirations within the ALDI family.

Because ALDI stresses a straightforward hierarchy of positions in which motivated individuals can rise, it's especially important to keep the adage of "dress for the job you want" in mind. Whether you're an entry-level applicant or an aspiring district manager, professional dress and grooming will make a big impression. If your prospective position will require you to interact with the public -- as with cashiering or serving as a counter person -- it's important to be as articulate and friendly as possible during the job interview.

Salary Potential at ALDI

The salary potential at ALDI will depend not only on the position for which you're hired, but also on factors such as the store location and the employee's experience. A sample Store Associate position, which can include duties such as stocking and cashiering, starts at $13.25 per hour, which is seen as competitive in the industry. Potential benefits, depending in part on the number of hours worked, includes 401(k); medical, prescription, vision and dental insurance; and life and disability insurance.

At the District Manager level, successful applicants start at $80,000, according to the corporate website. Benefits with this position include a company car; 401(k); medical, prescription, vision and dental insurance; and life and disability insurance.

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