About Albertsons
Number Of Employees: 250,000+
Headquarters: Boise, ID

An American grocery company, founded and based in Boise, Idaho, Albertsons is privately owned and managed by investors. With 2,200 stores, and more than 250,000 employees, it is the second largest food chain in the United States. The company offers jobs for cashiers, produce and deli clerks, bakers, cake decorators, meat cutters, grocery clerks, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and much more.

General Overview of Opportunities with Albertsons

As with most jobs, some will have certain requirements. The age for employment to apply is 16 years old, for some entry-level jobs according to Albertsons application page on their website. Albertsons, like many companies, promotes from within, which offers employees a chance for advancement. This will give you a chance to work your way up in the company if you have the drive and ability to do so.

The reviewers at Glassdoor give the company 3.2 of 5-stars, and 51 percent of surveyors say that they would suggest a job with them to a friend. These are the general assessment of jobs with Albertsons.

  • Flexible hours and a fun work environment
  • Good pay and benefits
  • Upper management seems too focused on profits and not on the staff
  • Work-life balance is difficult, in some positions, due to the demands of the grocery business
  • Several reviewers commented that managers worked with them on school schedules

With over 250,000 employees and over 2,200 stores, each employee will have a different experience with their job. Even different stores in the same city can have different dynamics based on management, the customer base, and the location of the store. Even though each store belongs to the same company, management styles, and your coworkers can affect your experience at work. When applying for a job with Albertsons, prepare a few questions that are important to you and your situation before going to the first interview.

Albertsons' Interview Process

According to employees, 70 percent of applicants felt they had a positive interview and most rated the difficulty of the interview, below average. To get an interview:

  • 55 percent applied online
  • 27 percent applied in person
  • 12 percent are employee referrals
  • 4 percent gained employment through some other means

The interview process will include a few questions that may include, do you have reliable transportation, how do you get along with others, the importance of being kind to customers, and why are you interested in Albertsons? Some reviewers were hired on the spot, while others did not receive a call for a couple of weeks. One applicant was not aware of the methods used in the bakery and thought that the misconception could lead to turnover.

Most employees suggest that the best way to get an interview is to apply online. Whether applying online or in person, call or email a couple of days after applying to let them know you are still interested. If you need a flexible schedule to accommodate school, or other activities let your interviewer know of your issues during the interview process. A suit is not necessary when applying with Albertsons unless you are applying for a management position but you do need to be well groomed.

What is the Pay like at Albertsons?

Starting pay will vary depending on your position, prior experience, and the location of the store. These are pay averages from PayScale.com.

  • Cashier $11.22 per hour
  • Bakery Clerk $10.97 per hour
  • Deli Clerk $10.42 per hour
  • Produce Clerk $11.88 per hour
  • Courtesy Clerk $8.12 per hour
  • Meat Cutter $15.34 per hour
  • Pharmacy Technician $17.23 per hour

Some benefits include health insurance, which is for employees who work over 30 hours per week. Paid vacation, sick days, 401(k) and an employee discount are other benefits. Union Benefits are available in some stores. All positions are eligible for bonuses and the amount will depend on the position.

Is Albertsons a Good Place to Work?

Many current and former employees say that Albertsons is a fun place to work and they enjoyed working with their team members. Whether you are just starting life in the working world and are looking for an entry-level job, or are experienced and looking for a new place, Albertsons has opportunities across the country.

How quickly you move up, and how well you do will depend on the positions available in your area, your level of experience, skills, personality, and your drive to succeed. If you are interested in working for Albertsons apply online or at your local store. Once you have applied, call or email in a day or two to let them know you are interested and you may be working sooner than you thought possible.

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