Will a Criminal Record Hold You Back?

If you are wondering, will a criminal record, hold you back, the answer is only if you let it. Spend your time investing in education and not thinking about a prior offense. If it concerned money, apply for something that does not relate to money. Many positions are available. A record can be expunged if a person keeps out of trouble. If on a job and a upwardly mobile position is available if you are a good team member and work for the benefit of the company your chances are as good as anyone else’s. A criminal record can keep you from being gainfully employed and it might interfere with renting a place to live but there are remedies. A criminal record can hold you back but there are ways to counteract it. Here are a few strategies on how to stop your criminal record from blocking your way:

Expunge the records:

A list of records is filed with every case and all of these can be expunged if the person was not convicted. Unfortunately, if there was a conviction it can get a bit more complicated. Violent crimes are never expunged, but others have a chance. Consulting with an attorney is best to make sure every police report, court report or filing with any judicial authority is removed.

It is possible to get a record expunged and if a record is spent, there is no need to divulge this to an employer and it is discrimination for anyone to refuse to hire you based on that conviction. However, there are cases that require your disclosure. In circumstances of childcare, elderly care and it depends upon the conviction Nevertheless, for people with convictions of two years or less, with a record of staying out of trouble, this legal stipulation can help immensely. Many offenses where people spend less than six years incarcerated or charged with less time holds a rehabilitation time of five years and the sentence is considered spent. If asked about a criminal past you can comfortably say, no.

It is possible to reach your goals despite of a criminal record. Many people have made great strides after having problems with the law. They have changed their lives and gone on to productive careers. Career choices can decide how a criminal record will affect your life. Some people manage to overcome a criminal background by starting their own business. This puts no one in charge but you. No one can fire you and with the right business plan, it is possible to make a good income.

Whether a criminal record will affect a person’s life is a question with two answers with major emphasis upon the individual. Many will become discouraged and resort to behavior that will land them in the same position that created the record in the first instance. Others will struggle through working any job the can find and others will excel. Success also depends upon the support system.

A list of organizations is available to help people with criminal backgrounds find employment but society is filled with prejudices against people with criminal records. Matched against a person with no criminal record and equal credentials, the person with the non-record will get the job. Almost every person is given a background check, people check when dating, renting an apartment and for employment. If a record is open for public display, it is checked and can affect your life.

Many circumstances might give a person a criminal record. Even if the charge is insignificant, it may rear its head in a background check. Only will an employer know the validity of a charge is, if it is explained. The system uses live scans and background checks that might hamper your chances at moving on with your life. Nothing changes the past but plenty can be done with the future. Make it better without the worry of the past, no matter who wants to relive the past, don’t you.