What to Know When Working with Recruiters and Temp Agencies

Working with a recruiter and temp agency is something that many businesses and individuals choose to do for efficiency reasons, as they don’t have enough time to find other job options or good employees on their own. Recruiters and temp agencies also specialize in the job market, knowing how to find good employees and link them up with good employers, taking a percentage of payment once the match is made. They are a valuable resource for both businesses and job seekers, but there are a few things that are important to know about them so you can be sure they are servicing you correctly, so you understand how the whole process works and you can be sure you are getting a good recruiter or temp agency to work with you.

Things to Know, In General

Headhunters work exclusively with companies, so if they are interested in you, then you usually fit some criteria the company is looking for. It also means they are going to try and get the best possible deal for the company, so be wary of that. Contingency recruiters only get paid if you are placed within the company, making them a bit more desperate to get someone hired. Employment agency recruiters work in employment agencies and help people to get hired by making contacts but also working with them on their resumes and interview techniques. Knowing exactly who all these people on the recruitment and temp agency end are and how they operate is critical for you to know exactly what is going on in your job search.

Don’t Sign an Exclusive Contract

This will lock you to an employment agency or temp agency, so they are the only ones who can get you a job. Never do this, even though they will try and make you do this. You need to stay in control of your own destiny and be able to switch recruiters or temp agencies at any time.

Connect with the Recruiter or Temp Agency Regularly

They have a lot of clients who are looking for work at these places, so you will need to remind them of who you are and to be shopping you and your services as much as possible. Give them a call once a week to light a fire and make sure you and your resume are top of mind and top of the pile.

Find a Recruiter who Works with a Company You’d Like to Work For

The relationship this recruiter has already established with a particular company may help you have an advantage when it comes to getting hired there, as they will have done their job by you finding them (even though no one will really know that outside of you and the recruiter). This may take a little research but it’s easier to figure out then you might think.

Find an Employment Agency that Specializes in a Particular Industry

You want to find an agency who knows an industry and which companies are looking for which talent, in particular. The better they know this, the better chance of you getting a great placement in a job that will last for many years to come. You can usually find this out by asking for recommendations of employment agencies within these industries, which is a great thing to do anyway before bringing your resume and business to a recruiter or temp agency.

Ask As Many Questions as You Would Like

Make sure your recruiter responds to you about exactly what they are doing in this process of finding you work. What is their technique, where are they applying, what has the general response been? This is all about you and your work, so it is information you need and deserve to have. Don’t be afraid to ask for it and if there is any problem with them providing it to you, it may mean you need to find a new recruiter or temp agency to work with from that point forward.