What to Expect From a Career Fair

If you are looking for a job, then one of the best things you can do is visit a career fair. There are a few things you should know about this so you can be prepared for the experience.

What is a Career Fair?

One of the first things to think about with this is what you will find when you go to a career fair. There are many different types of career fairs that you can find. The most common are general fairs where you will find companies from the area that are hiring. There are also career fairs that are designed for specific industries, such as technology or even medical. Before you just go to a career fair, you will want to have an idea of what type of companies will be at the fair.

The nice thing about these fairs is it is a great way to get your name out there and even get mini interviews in with a variety of companies within a short period of time. Even if you do not get the chance to interview with the company at least you will be able to hand them a resume and allow them to put a face with a name on a piece of paper.

What to Bring to a Career Fair

When you go to the career fair, you should be prepared for an interview. This means that you will want to have plenty of resumes on you. You can easily go to your local print shop and print out many of them or simply do it from home. Take a few minutes to tweak your resume to ensure that it is created for success.

You should also be prepared to give responses to questions, just as you should at an interview. This means thinking about what makes you an asset to your company and what you can do. If you know the companies that will be there, take the time to learn about a few of them so that you can be better prepared for questions.

Dress to Impress

Since this is very much like going on an interview, you need to make sure you are dressed properly. This is your first impression and you want to make sure that you impress with this. Be sure that you are dressed professionally and that you look nice. It is helpful to take the time to look at yourself in a full length mirror just so you can ensure that you look from head to toe.

Tips for Career Fairs

A career fair is a great way to find a job as these companies are looking for people to hire. By knowing what to expect and preparing properly you will be able to find a job. Just do not be upset if you do not walk out of the fair with a job. Many of these companies may set up second interviews with candidates they like or may even wait a few days to make calls.