Ten Important Thoughts Before an Interview

The interview process is a major step in landing a career offer. While the hype behind interviews can often be daunting, there is hope for you if you are prepared and willing to take on whatever questions are thrown your way. In order to have a great interview with a potential employer there are some tips that may be beneficial, especially if it is a first interview. Above all, be confident in yourself and these following tips will only be an added bonus.

  1. Dress to impress. Appearance is the most obvious impression on anyone you are meeting for the first time and while it is not the most important characteristic of a person, the outward look of someone can be a determining factor to employers. Dress sharp and be hygienic. The fact that you can take care of yourself and present yourself in a certain fashion says a lot about you as a person.
  2. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. If an employer cancels an interview, it does not always mean that they do not want to hire you. If they would rather Skype or talk on the phone this could just mean that they are busy. Be respectful and enthusiastic about whatever challenge is thrown at you. Remember it is important to look sharp even through Skype, so don’t wear your pajamas at the computer.
  3. Answer questions thoughtfully. Do not rush through questions and answers. Let them know you are a patient person and are willing to be thoughtful when it comes to their questions. Even if they don’t have all the time you might wish for you, show them that you have time for them.
  4. Ask questions about their business. You are interviewing them as well so don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experience and their company. Ask thoughtful questions pertaining to the interview and job.
  5. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Experience is something that all employers are looking for. Explain your resume to them and give detailed stories of past job experiences. Do not over compensate but at the same time allow them to understand who you are and how you would be a great asset to their business.
  6. Pay attention to the questions. Don’t daydream during an interview. Focus on the questions and pay attention to the words the interviewee is using. Don’t allow them to trip you up. Be dedicated to your craft and they will feel the genuine attitude you are presenting to them.
  7. Be sure to let them know you are knowledgeable about their business. It is always important to do research on any business or company for which you are interviewing. Read up on their website and familiarize yourself with their work and craft. Be enthusiastic about how you can add your skills to improve their company.
  8. Being nervous is okay. A little bit of nerves is only natural so employers are expecting you to be prepared as well as nervous. They once also had to interview for a position, so do not be afraid. Rather, have confidence in the fact that everyone goes through this experience.
  9. Be persistent. Once the interview is complete, you must wait for a call back. If they do not call back right away, be persistent and call them. The squeaky wheel always gets heard. That statement may sound trite, but that is because it is true!
  10. Walk away with confidence. Leave your interview knowing that you did a great job and got through it. Have confidence in the fact that you were able to answer the questions and that you will hopefully be gaining a new job in the near future!