The Art of Balancing Life and Work

Do you find yourself conversing with friends and family about balancing work and life? What does a balance between work and life look like? Juggling the demands of a career, family and personal life can present you with unique stresses and challenges.

Balancing the demands on your life can be an art form; however, perceptions may contribute to the stress. A little contemplation and different perspective may give you the opportunity to reprioritize and rebalance your life. Intertwining responsibilities, passions and personal joys is unique to every individual. Moreover, as life progresses the equation for balance may change. Life is dynamic, not static!

To regain equilibrium, begin with recalling a time when life felt in balance without one area dominating others. Explore the factors that contributed to that symmetry and determine which elements will work now. Developing your own guiding principles will ensure and enhance the balance in your life; however, these following pointers will help you hone the art of reaching a sense of balance.

While these pointers will help you align with the overall picture, your definition of life/work balance is very different from the person next to you. What matters to you is at the core of this definition: distinctive values, priorities and passions. By simply questioning and examining these critical elements, you will start down a path to new approaches and insights into what gives you balance.

You will begin to discover that following your passions when possible, the ebb and flow that feels chaotic and unbalanced equalize effortlessly. With practice, you can shift from one role to another while maintain a stable, yet vigorous pace, with peace of mind, natural productivity and a profound sense of accomplishment.

While you explore your own life/work balance principles, use this exercise in the art of generating equilibrium in your world. You can do this with a friend or use some contemplative time for yourself.

When you have examined your own previous successes in achieving life/work balance, you will find the principles that provided critical guidance for you during that time. What could you change now? Take one small step down the path to peace and balance today.