Jobs and Ways to Get Into Government Services

A government job, or a job in public service, is one that has many advantages. For one, it’s more steady than most jobs in the private sector, as government jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, unless something really catastrophic happens and large sectors of the government are shut down. And at that point, most of the private sector jobs probably wouldn’t be working either. Another advantage to government jobs is that they have great benefits, ones that are better than most private sector jobs out there. This will pay off considerably later in life after 30 years working in public service, allowing you to retire and relax with a lot of money saved up to live on in your twilight years. To many people, this is an excellent goal to reach after many years of hard work. There are also tax benefits to government jobs, more paid vacation days in government jobs than most private sector jobs and higher wage increases compared to median wage increases in the private sector. While government jobs aren’t always the most interesting on a year to year basis, they have tremendous security, steady pay and a plan at the end of a long and loyal career.

Due to all of these aspects of public service, government jobs are often hard to obtain. Various strategies exist for how to obtain different government jobs and they are listed below.

Define Which Job You Want to Work

First, decide which sector of the government you want to work in. There are all types, from the post office to the national parks service to local and state governments. This means you could be delivering mail or working as a police officer. It all depends on what interests you in the public sector, as there is usually a job for just about every type of person, though some jobs are easier to get than others. Specifically, it’s easier to set out to get a job as a firefighter than it is to get a job as a treasurer or mayor of a town. You can work to these higher positions through lower level jobs in the public sector, of course.

Learn About Jobs in the Public Sector

It’s also important to learn how the public jobs work, what they are looking for and what the job itself entails. Just because you ran your own private security company doesn’t necessarily mean you can be a police officer. Same with running your own accounting firm and balancing budgets for government offices. While the job is similar, it is not exactly the same and doesn’t have the same needs as private sector companies. Things are often more complicated and mired in red tape in the public sector and this is something that you will have to be prepared for, as well as something you will learn on the job.

Check Both Public and Specific Public Job Sites

While all public sector jobs must be available to the public to find, there are some agencies that will only post to their own sector’s sites, as opposed to public sector job boards. This means you should check both when looking for a public sector job, as some choice jobs may not be listed on the site, or any of the other big ones.

Make Contacts

Just like getting jobs in the private sector, contacts are important when trying to lock down a job for the government because it is a desired entity to work for. Talk to friends, family members and past job contacts—someone will have a connection for you to use that will at least get you a meeting or two that may turn into a hiring in the future.

Be Patient

Getting a job anywhere isn’t easy but it’s especially hard when it comes to working in the public sector. This can take half of a year, if not more and often depends on when the next election cycle is happening, as jobs become more or less available during that political cycle. Just make your resume as good as possible, keep making contacts and going to job interviews and wait. That government job will finally open up for you.