DOs and DON'Ts for your Resume

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

How you present yourself on your resume when searching for a new career can mean the difference in landing the perfect position or remaining unemployed. It’s a well-known fact that employers will only spend about 30 seconds glancing over a resume, so you have that short amount of time to present your skills and all of your qualifications. Your resume must jump out and grab their attention quick so you need to make a great first impression to secure an interview.

There are many “Do’s and Don’ts” you should be aware of that will help you create an outstanding resume to get your foot in the door at the company you deserve to be working for!

Simple Suggestions to Consider

Choose the correct font and format. This means using the basic font like New Times Roman or Arial. It’s not recommended to use other fancy style fonts since they are more difficult to read. You should also customize your resumes format so it cuts to the chase, but still focuses on the best of your abilities. For example, the layout and font size should stay consistent throughout. You can also choose to underline the different sections, use bullet points as well as making the titles in bold print to stand out.

Make the Best of One Page!

Since most employers will not spend a lot of time reading resumes, your best bet is to limit all of your information to just one page. If it’s too busy and several pages long it’s going to get tossed to the side whether your qualified or not.

You can start at the top by listing your best selling points. It’s the first place an employer will look, so make it count.

Try to stick to all of the grown-up jobs you’ve had. Do NOT list every job you’ve had since you were sixteen years old, it takes up too much room and if it doesn’t pertain to the job you’re applying to it’s probably best to leave them off. This is also recommended for college groups. You should definitely list the most important things you were involved in while in college; however keep it to a minimum. In other words, you don’t have to list if you were involved in an art group if you are applying for a computer networking job.

Highlight Why You Qualify For This Particular Job

One important thing you need to always do is to highlight why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Many people have just one resume that they send to all potential employers. While this may work it is not recommended. You should take the time to go over your resume and tweak it a little to make sure that it does in fact prove you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

Anything that shows off your achievements and experience should be listed. This will insure that you’re best qualifications are shown to each individual employer and this will give you a better chance of getting the job.

Just remember to keep it simple while also putting your experience on a bit of a pedestal. You have less than one minute to make sure that you stand out from hundreds of other people, so make it count!