Don't Be Afraid To Ask For a Favor

Searching for a new job is a job in itself. Most people are not able to simply jump from one open position to another without any time lapse in between. With that being said though, it is possible to reduce the amount of time you are away from work by both focusing the majority of your time on searching for a new position and networking. Networking outward in order to locate a potential lead proves exceptionally important and can reduce the amount of time it takes to land that next career opening. In order to fully take advantage of your networking, you should never be afraid to ask for a favor from friends and other individuals you know. After all, when asking for a favor, the worst possible result is the person saying no, and in which case you are back where you started, without losing anything.

Looking for a Job

When looking for a job, you are probably going to look under ever single rock to find that one perfect position. This means searching the local want adds, checking out online job posting sites and even going directly to a particular company's website itself. However, there is a strong chance one of your friends, or at least people you have connected with over a social media account such as LinkedIn (or even Facebook or Google+) know about available positions inside of the company they work for. Asking those individuals about any possible openings in their company's can prove extremely helpful, as they might lead you towards open jobs that are not yet made available to the public. In fact, some jobs are never opened up to the public and it simply is a word of mouth opportunity for individuals. By putting the word out you are looking for a job and asking your network associates if there are any open positions, you can put out an easy feeler and you never know, you might just hear back from someone about the perfect job for your skill set. Again, it doesn't take long to ask people on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media networks if they have any information about job openings, and the worst thing that can possibly happen is there are no replies.

When You Have an Interview

After searching long and hard for potential job openings and sending out a large number of resumes, eventually you are going to hear back from someone who believes your resume might possibly match who they are looking for. When this happens an interview is set up for the particular job. Now, there is nothing more exciting and terrifying at the same time as a job interview. Your entire ability to land the job might depend on how well you perform in the interview. Due to this, it is important for you to research the company and learn everything you can about the business and how it runs. While there is a certain amount of this you are able to do on your own through the Internet, it is always possible to ask for a bit of insight from someone who already works inside of the company. This, again, is where your networking comes into play. Through your LinkedIn and other social media accounts, you can see who else works for the company, and from there you should ask the individual if there is anything you should know about the interview process, or simply more information about the company that is not available through general knowledge on the Internet. There is no such thing as being over prepared, and the more you know about the company, the better your chances are to land the job. By asking your networking friend a simple favor to help you out, it is only going to take them a few minutes of their time to do so, yet it might ultimately prove the difference between you landing the job and missing out on the opening.

Put in a Good Word

Possibly the biggest favor you can ask of someone you have networked with is for them to put in a good word for you. You should only do this with someone you know and trust, as anything they say can and most likely will affect your ability to land the job, especially if the person is well respected inside of the company. However, if the person is willing to grant you the favor and put in a good word, either before or after you interview, it can significantly help improve your chances for landing the job. When someone is willing to put themselves on the line for you, it is a testament of your character and is often going to be someone none of the other interviewers are going to have on their side.