Discussing Benefits

In order to be competitive when it comes to finding new recruits, we can't simply rely on paying a higher salary than competing employers. When we put a new product together, we think of demand first and work our way back to supply, we look at what the customer wants, what they do and don't like about our prevoius offerings, and we adjust accordingly. We need to follow this same spirit in creating benefits. There is no such thing as the "best" benefit package, only benefit packages that are best for a certain kind of candidate. What kind of candidate are you searching for, and how can you attract them?

Benefits to Consider

One approach that will definitely help you in keeping your employees interested is allowing your benefits program to constantly evolve. If something becomes more costly than it is valuable to your employees, get rid of it. If everyone seems to agree that you could use an on-site gym, consider it.

Although there is a point where certain benefits just aren't in the budget, but by and large, to the extent that you can afford it, being generous towards your employees will always be your ace in the hole for finding great recruits.

Ultimately, however, the greatest benefit to working at any company is taking pride in rewarding work. All the benefits in the world won't help you find the best employees if your products are lousy, or if the work is dull.

Remember, too, that benefits are not a replacement for competitive salary. You will never be able to provide someone with an office so comfortable that they actually don't mind if they can't afford to pay their mortgage.

Finally, take the time to talk to all of your employees about what they want. If it's a good idea, don't hesitate to consider putting a new benefit on the menu after just one request for it. Benefits help you to prove to your employees that they are appreciated. It is a way to share in the success fo your company and let your employees know that you need them as much as they need you.