Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing the common interview mistakes to avoid may seem obvious, but not to everyone. It is better to make sure you know, before you encounter a sharp interviewer all the dos and don’ts of interview etiquette. Like other protocols, there are rules that govern this process.

Many of the points above are things taught by parents and first grade teachers. Be on time, sit straight and do not chew gum. You are entering a professional world and the employer is expecting nothing less than professionalism. They want to know the person they are hiring will be an asset to the company not a liability.

Slouching is bad for the body and depicts a lack of confidence. Appearing at an interview with inefficient portfolio information shows a lack of preparedness. Dressing professionally is also a big part of the company representation. Appropriate cell phone use can become a problem. Friends are not always respectful of your meetings; turn it off to avoid any conflicts. Leaving the cell phone on and looking tired shows, you have more interest in the social realm than in the work world. This may not be the case but it is important to your future employer and they are not interested in any personal problems you may have.

Do not bring an entourage; leave your friends at home, or at the local coffee shop down the street. Do not bring them on an interview. Research the company thoroughly and know your facts. Know what the company makes, and how much of it they make. Know whom they do business with, and read the company reports. Information moves money, and every business is interested in making it. Companies want people with the potential to help them get that job done.

Interviewers have a limited amount of time before moving on. Unnecessary question, particularly unrelated to the interview, is not appropriate. Present yourself positively by being assertive. Introduce yourself without reservation, confidently. Bring extra resumes, this will demonstrate you believe in being prepares. Keep eye contact and follow all instructions judiciously.

Do not go into an interview with a look of desperation. It is fine to be nervous, but a few breathing techniques will help you relax. Practice your interview and have your facts together. The better prepared, the easier any answers will be. Inquires concerning time off is a sure red flag and will place your interview in a very bad light. Asking how much the salary is a time appropriate issue. Too soon and you can blow the interview.

It is important to carry notes and to arrive at least 15 minutes early for an interview, but do not look at notes for answers when asked questions. This destroys any confidence the interviewer may have in your abilities. Wait until you are given the opportunity to speak. Getting anxious does not represent you well. Remembering simple rules of polite behavior will help a great deal with any interview. It is becoming quite common, to have interviews over the phone or on voice services; these should be treated with the same respect as in-person interviews.

Parents and teachers are constantly stating speak up. This is very important in an interview. Do not do anything that might distract from the process. Interviews have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what you can do for a company. This may seem harsh, but if you want the job this is how it works.

Common interview mistakes are many times the obvious, but because they are obvious, they may be missed. Talking too little is just as bad as talking too much. Companies need people with the ability to manage social situations. It is important to meet and greet others with cool confidence.

The interview is a strategic act. It must be planned and calculated the same as a delicious recipe. Too many mistakes can ruin any chance of getting the job you so much desire. It is only polite to thank people for taking their time to consider you for a job, and following up with a thank you will help the interviewer remember you easier. Many candidates will be working to get the position, sometimes sincerity and good manners gives job seekers an edge.