Best Job Boards and How They Can Help

Job boards are one of the primary ways for someone to get a job these days, as employers can post new openings to them immediately and those looking for work can log onto their computer and apply to these job openings with a few simple clicks. The internet has truly revolutionized the process of applying for jobs, giving those who need work many more opportunities and those who are looking for workers a wider range of options. However, this also allows a glut of applications to come in at once, making it difficult for certain people to land the jobs they want and also gives employers the ability to advertise jobs in ways that aren’t as good as they may seem.

Which raises the important question of: which job boards are the best and which ones should be ignored? Below are some of the best job boards to pay attention to on a regular basis when you are looking for work based upon how they filter out other competitors and the jobs that aren’t worth applying for. is simply designed and meant for people who live in a certain area to find the best local jobs out there. When people head to the site, they enter in their job position and their zip code and search for jobs that have been posted through the site in their area. They can do this with any zip code, focusing their job search and giving them a list of excellent jobs that have been culled by the staff. There will also be interview information associated with each of these jobs, as well as specific work requirements. Many of these job openings are for people looking to work for major corporations in a steady work environment, like Costco or Verizon, who are featured companies on the site.


A well known job posting site, Indeed still manages to be one of the best out there, as it has tons of updated job openings and links to many thousands of companies for those trying to make connections with employers. These jobs are across the board, delving into a wide variety of different career fields. There are company career pages posted on the Indeed site, as well as newspaper classifieds, various associations and a number of other online sources for jobs, making Indeed a one stop shop for anyone who is looking for work.


Everyone knows the job board, as they advertise well, namely through super bowl commercials that are relatively inventive and memorable. Because of this, Monster has been very saturated with applications and job postings in the past and was once thought to be a place that shouldn’t be used as a job searching site anymore, due to how many people were on it. However, with all the attention came some quality control and Monster has once again returned as one of the more reliable big job boards online, with employers of all sizes offering a wide variety of different career opportunities.

Simply Hired

As it’s name suggests, Simply Hired is simply designed and just delivers good job listings to you in a wide variety of different categories. They allow you to hone your search down to the region in which you live and also feature trending jobs in your area that many people have applied for recently. When each job is posted will also be featured, as will links to other job boards or job sites. There aren’t as many bells and whistles on Simply Hired as there are other aforementioned job boards, but they have a great track record when it comes to getting people work.

Dice is one of the best job sites out there for people in the tech industry looking for work. So if you don’t do tech things, this is definitely not a site for you. However, those who have joined that burgeoning work force will almost definitely find a job of some kind, even if it is not their ideal one. Searches can be done by keyword, location and job title and there are also career advice and updates to the tech industry, giving job seekers a better idea of how and where to apply.